10 Things “The Donald” Does Well

Forget about policy.

Forget about the debate on whether or not he’s a narcissist or an egotist or both–a misguided missile with delusional certainty or a potential and dangerous strongman who will clean up the mess and make America great again.

Let’s talk about his public speaking.

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Fall Down Seven Times; Get Up Eight

The hardest part of getting better at speaking and presenting is to persist in the face of discouragement.

A talent is a latent ability, something that is dormant inside you. When you work at it, it becomes a skill.

Public speaking is a talent before it becomes a skill.

If you do have a potential talent for speaking and you work at it, you are likely to receive encouragement and recognition for your talent, which then makes you want to continue, which in ...

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How Not to Bore an Audience (1 of 3)

For starters, stop trying to just wing it. You’re not an improv actor, OK?

Your goal as a speaker should be to have inscribed on your tombstone, “He Made His Point, and Bored Them Less.” To accomplish this lifetime achievement, adhere to the following.


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1. Ditch the Slides

OK, maybe in your business culture you need to have slides, but please ...

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Mental Practice Helps Conquer Stage Fright

This is the last of our series about concrete ways to conquer stage fright.  This tip offers a surprising approach to make almost anything in your life better–mental practice.  Or, in other words:

3. Don’t just rehearse; sit there

We all know that practice makes perfect, and that rehearsing your presentation is important. But did you know there’s even a better way?

Mental practice can get you closer to where you want to be in life, and it can ...

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Face Your Fears: Ways to Conquer Stage Fright… Really!

October 14 is Face Your Fears Day.  Many people report public speaking as their number one fear–so why not use this upcoming “holiday” to push past that fear.

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Why?  Because nothing is as powerful as standing up in front of a room and using your words and body to convince others to see your way of thinking, to take the action you advocate, or ...

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How to control negative questioners

It’s not often that a business audience will go negative on you, but it happens. Here’s how to stay in control of your listeners and yourself:

1.  Prepare key messages for your talk so you can find your way back to those messages when the tough questions start making you feel lost.

2.  Listen to the question carefully. Take your time formulating a response. If you’re not sure exactly what the person is after, ask for clarification: “Are you asking why the price went down, or ...

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