10 Things “The Donald” Does Well

Forget about policy.

Forget about the debate on whether or not he’s a narcissist or an egotist or both–a misguided missile with delusional certainty or a potential and dangerous strongman who will clean up the mess and make America great again.

Let’s talk about his public speaking.

His content offends some people, but others are drawn to him because he speaks plainly. He pulls no punches. His style is outrageous because he is outraged. He leads with his emotions, and backs them up with his some-would-say dubious reasoning. There are other politicians in both parties who are good speakers, but their content is predictable and their delivery does not draw attention to their content the way his does.

We all know a good communicator when we hear one and see one. The Donald isn’t perfect–no speaker or leader is–but the song he’s singing is moving and simple–“Out with the old, in with the new, run the rascals out of office”–and right now he and his song are No. 1 on the hit parade.


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