Jury Duty is a Pain, Except…

A few days ago I got yanked out of my routine.  JURY DUTY!  Up early, navigating through a driving rain to Newark, New Jersey in bumper-kissing traffic.

Idling in line, as my fellow jurors picked parking slots, I crept up the spiral path of the Court’s garage until I popped out into roof top parking and found a slot far from the stairs leading down to the court, as a thundering downpour welcomed us to the Essex ...

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Hans Roslings TED Talk

I like to see people use data effectively–to make complex information clear and compelling. And, I like to help people plan out this data and incorporate it into a talk.

It’s not easy to do, but in the hands of researcher Hans Rosling, it’s deceivingly simple.

In this TED talk, watch how he compares households of varying income levels worldwide. As they say on the TED Talks site,

What Eliza Doolittle, Margaret Thatcher, and Daisy Buchanan Can Teach You About Voice and Power

Does your sound determine your success?

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway is impressed when Gatsby nails the mysterious quality in Daisy’s voice:

“She’s got an indiscreet voice,” I remarked. “It’s full of——” I hesitated.

“Her voice is full of money,” he said suddenly.

That was it. I’d never understood before. It was full of money—that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbals’ song of it. ...

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Instant Motivation! Quotes on Goals, Success & Power

We’re getting close to 2015’s half way point. You’ve got a lot more to accomplish, and it isn’t always easy to muster the strength and enthusiasm to keep everything going.

When you’re in over your head, out of sorts, and down in the dumps, here are quotes that will get back your get up and go!

  1. “You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and ...
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12 Books to Give to Graduates

Graduates get lots of stuff when they earn their diplomas.  But maybe the most valuable gift they can receive is good advice. It doesn’t matter if they heed it right away (or ever). What matters is that they are aware that there are many solutions to a problem, many paths that lead to a similar place, and many ways to achieve success.

Here, in no particular order, are book suggestions to give as gifts. Each is selected to help the graduate ...

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