The Happy Presenter

Most of us are not happy presenters.

Consider the complications: the drill of assembling our ideas, putting them in order, finding that, nope, they’re out of order, rearranging them, developing slides, exhausting our eyes as we create clever little graphics, only to find that they are way too busy, or not interesting enough, or the headlines need fixing. Or, worse yet, deciding not to use slides.

And then the attempts to get the whole damn thing up on it’s hind legs. How ...

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Benefits of being a good public speaker

The benefits of being a good public speaker aren’t always obvious.

Consider this:

When you get an MBA, you have increased your value considerably in the work force.

But if you not only get an MBA, but then discipline yourself to become a highly effective communicator–a highly effective speaker–you’re increasing your value probably another 50%.

Why?  Because it is incredibly powerful to have somebody who is both highly knowledgeable on the hard side and really effective on the ...

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Communicating Complex Data

Even the best and the brightest have trouble communicating complex data.

But when there is a lot of information, there are things that people can do. You can make the presentation more appealing to an audience.

I knew a man–he was a scientist at Rockefeller University. He loved to walk around the office saying “Data, data everywhere, and not a thought to think!”

So when you’re delivering a presentation with a lot of complex data, remember this. Your audience ...

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Becoming a Billionaire Public Speaker

Have you seen the HBO documentary Becoming Warren Buffett? It was especially interesting to me when he talked about his fear as a public speaker.

“You can’t believe what I was like if I had to give a talk,” he says in The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life. “I would throw up.”

He enrolled in a Dale Carnegie public-speaking course. After taking the course, Buffett was ...

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An Exercise That Can Make You a Spell-Binding Orator

I just got off the phone with a client who is working on being more assertive and fluid when he speaks. He complains, and I agree with him, that he starts speaking without knowing where his sentences are heading. Soon he comes to a halt, backs up, and starts again.

I do this myself, and I hate it when I hear it. It makes me feel intellectually disorganized and destined for dementia.

And it’s hard for your listeners ...

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Content is King, But Focus is Key

When a projector is out of focus, the images on the screen are fuzzy, leaving the viewer uncertain as to what he is actually seeing. His mind darts from blur to blur trying to make sense of the shapes on the screen.

But once the projector is in focus and the images emerge crisply, the viewer feels a sense of relief.

The same holds true for the content in the beginning of a speech or presentation. No one likes to sit in a meeting room ...

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