Break out of your shell and make an omelet

When we are anxious as presenters, we grow eggshells around us. Invisible eggshells. And we live inside them, a little scrunched up, worried about what’s outside those dangerously thin walls.

At these times, remember these words:

“Omelets are not made without breaking eggs.”

“You CAN make an omelet without breaking eggs. It’s just a really bad omelet.”
–Steven Colbert

So go ahead–make an omelet. Break the eggshell.

Stand up straight: your head will pop out and everyone will see your face and pay attention. Expand your gestures: your articulate body will speak more clearly.

Project your voice: your shell will shatter, and people will hear what you say.

Step out of your shell and into a larger, more vulnerable you. And then keep an eye out for the new shell that will slowly but surely assemble itself around you.

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