How to be a great panel moderator

There is very little drama in panelsI’d like to see panelists a bit more feisty, eager to engage in debate and debunk…but they rarely are (or do). Polite and well-mannered is more like it–don’t want to rock the boat or roil the waters. Keep it nice and tidy, which often means boring.

Paul Kedrosky and I share a friend in the private equity business who asked us to contribute to a publication called PRIVATE  EQUITY INTERNATIONAL.  I wrote about speaking to private equity conferences, and Paul wrote about moderating panels and being a panelist.

Paul has a great blog post on his website called Ten rules for being a great panel moderator.  He’s as interested in drama as I am, and he’s sharp and witty on the subject of being a great panel moderator, so I refer you to him.  He knows whereof he speaks.

Please click on the link if you want to improve your panel moderation skills.  And PS, my ulterior motives are nil.  I don’t know Paul, never met him, and just this minute got his permission to send you his way.  He writes with dash and humor.


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