Dress for Even More Success

They say clothes make the man (or woman)–actually, they don’t.  They only protect the man (or woman) from making a poor first impression.

But when you’re occasionally thrust into the spotlight, like my fabulous friend Jim Colby, you may need a wardrobe makeover.  Or at least a wardrobe migration from good to great.

Jim manages five Van Eck muni ETFs., and he’s often called upon to express his views as a talking head at various industry shows and conferences.

Because Jim hates shopping, and his duties keep him more than busy, he works with a professional clothier who provides him with his clothing in the convenience of his office.  In as little as 30 minutes, Jim can buy whatever he needs….suits, shirts, ties, sport coats, pants, shoes, and more!

(I don’t know why he buys pants if only his head and torso appear on TV and in photos, but Jim has always been careful and thorough— a typical bond guy.)

Jim’s clothier is from Executive Apparel Group, and her name is Mary Silva.  “After our first meeting Mary ‘got it’” says Colby.  “She instantly focused on my desire to professionally upgrade in as little time as possible, and I have been extremely pleased with the service over these 7 years.”

Jim wags on, “She does a bang-up job.  She saves me time, money, and frustration.  In fact, she’s a life saver.”  He also appreciates the fact that all the clothing is made in the USA, so it’s high quality and it fits.

We all need to dress for success, but we especially need to dress for success when we become more successful, when we’re in the news, on air, and speaking to groups.

Our clothes need to say, in a split second, “CREDIBILITY!”  No distractions, no fuss.  And if they manage to do that for us, they’ve done their job.

So Jim avoids the agony that most people call, “shopping.”  He is able to devote his time to what he does best, which is the bond thing.  And he is looking good–good and credible, thanks to Mary Silva from Executive Apparel Group.

Full disclosure:  Neither Mary nor Jim asked me to write this blog post, nor are they lining my pockets with cash for having written it.  Jim is my friend, Mary is good at what she does, and if she can make Colby look good, she’s gotta be a freakin’ genius.

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