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9 Feb 2016 No Comments

Content is King, But Focus is Key

When a projector is out of focus, the images on the screen are fuzzy, leaving the viewer uncertain as to what he is actually seeing. His mind darts from blur to […]

26 Jan 2016 No Comments

Break out of your shell and make an omelet

When we are anxious as presenters, we grow eggshells around us. Invisible eggshells. And we live inside them, a little scrunched up, worried about what’s outside those dangerously thin walls. At these […]

12 Jan 2016 No Comments

5 excuses scientists use about presenting–and why they’ve got to change their thinking

I am working with a pre-clinical group in the pharmaceutical industry. They need to win approval for promising new compounds to be tested in humans, and I am helping them put together […]

29 Dec 2015 No Comments

Guest Blog by Jonathan Li, President of The Expressive Leader

The first time I spoke in front of a group, my hands were shaking and my legs were trembling. “G-g-g-g-good morning everyone,” I stuttered my opening.  “Today I will talk […]

16 Dec 2015 No Comments

Last Friday in New Jersey: a story about stories

Last Friday in New Jersey I got up at 3am to take part via WebEx in a training program in London.  The program was about storytelling.  I was invited to […]

1 Dec 2015 No Comments

Maybe Size Does Matter

In his wonderful TED talk, Rory Sutherland points out the high cost of the EuroStar bullet train from London to Paris. It cut only about 40 minutes off the trip. Instead, […]

17 Nov 2015 No Comments

Don’t forget or confuse your purpose

One of the most common mistakes we make is that we forget what we’re trying to do. Most people can identify with that moment when you find yourself peering into your […]

3 Nov 2015 No Comments

On playing possum and peacock preening

When a possum is threatened, he contracts into a ball, while bears do the opposite.  They stand on their hind legs to make themselves look bigger. Chameleons change color and remain perfectly […]

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20 Oct 2015 No Comments

Think twice about the topic and length when you present

When invited to speak or present on a topic chosen by someone else, it’s time to negotiate the topic. And when invited to speak for 45 minutes, it’s time to negotiate the […]

6 Oct 2015 No Comments

The Right Way to Give Praise

Praise a child for being smart and you give her a self-concept that can be ruined by her B-minus. From that moment on, she may choose to play it safe, lest […]

22 Sep 2015 No Comments

Upgrade from good to great presentation skills

I believe that there are two kinds of presentation skills. One kind helps make the speaker look good. The other kind helps the listeners understand and believe in the speaker. […]

donald trump star
8 Sep 2015 No Comments

10 Things “The Donald” Does Well

Forget about policy. Forget about the debate on whether or not he’s a narcissist or an egotist or both–a misguided missile with delusional certainty or a potential and dangerous strongman […]

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