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18 Nov 2014 No Comments

5 More Reasons Eye Contact is Key

If there is one simple thing you can do to enhance your impact as a presenter, persuade others to see things as you see them, and make it more likely […]

11 Nov 2014 No Comments

4 Reasons Eye Contact Is Everything in Public Speaking

When you’re in front of an audience, strategic eye contact has the power to change how people think of you. Here’s why. In a study done last month in the […]

overcome stage fright
21 Oct 2014 No Comments

Mental Practice Helps Conquer Stage Fright

This is the last of our series about concrete ways to conquer stage fright.  This tip offers a surprising approach to make almost anything in your life better–mental practice.  Or, […]

overcome stage fright
7 Oct 2014 No Comments

Face Your Fears: Ways to Conquer Stage Fright… Really!

October 14 is Face Your Fears Day.  Many people report public speaking as their number one fear–so why not use this upcoming “holiday” to push past that fear. Why?  Because […]

conquer stage fright
23 Sep 2014 No Comments

Proven Ways to Cure Stage Fright

By some accounts, public speaking is the No. 1 fear in America. Millions of people are limiting their careers because of this irrational fear. Let’s define stage fright. For me, […]

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9 Sep 2014 No Comments

Show, don’t tell to be an effective speaker

We are animated, lively speakers in real life. Why not bring this to your next presentation?

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26 Aug 2014 1 Comment

More ways to be a rock star speaker

We’re looking at ways you can pump up the “AWESOME” of your presentations.  Surprisingly, we’re not scrutinizing the communication techniques of Steve Jobs–we’re looking at a guy from the 1850s […]

rock star speaker
12 Aug 2014 No Comments

How to be a rock star speaker

When Steve Jobs got into high gear as a speaker, many people reported that he seemed to have a reality-distortion field around him. No matter how unrealistic his claims at […]

capture attention
29 Jul 2014 1 Comment

Capture Attention–4 Ways to Get Through to Your Listeners

Every speaker struggles with a balance:  A talk needs to be brief enough and interesting enough to ensure an audience will hear it, but it also needs to contain all […]

capture attention
15 Jul 2014 No Comments

More Ways to Capture Attention

In this series of posts, we’re looking at ways to capture attention and keep it. I make a distinction between “neck up” attention and “neck down” attention.  The former is […]

capture attention
1 Jul 2014 No Comments

Ways Great Speakers Capture Attention

In my mind, there are two kinds of attention: neck down, and neck up. Neck-up attention is when the listener has to make an effort to pay attention. Neck-down attention […]

find a sense of truth
17 Jun 2014 No Comments

Find a Sense of Truth to be Persuasive

Another way to be a highly persuasive speaker is to be “real.”  Your audience will find you more trustworthy, and so they will be more willing to hear–and agree with–your […]