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22 Sep 2015 No Comments

Upgrade from good to great presentation skills

I believe that there are two kinds of presentation skills. One kind helps make the speaker look good. The other kind helps the listeners understand and believe in the speaker. […]

donald trump star
8 Sep 2015 No Comments

10 Things “The Donald” Does Well

Forget about policy. Forget about the debate on whether or not he’s a narcissist or an egotist or both–a misguided missile with delusional certainty or a potential and dangerous strongman […]

smart phone
25 Aug 2015 No Comments

The Best Way to Showcase Your Smarts

Are you trying to impress a client, get a job, or close a deal? Then skip the emails and pick up the phone or schedule a meeting. New research reported […]

11 Aug 2015 No Comments

Everybody’s doing it–but nobody wants to talk about it

Clinton and JFK did it. I bet Michelle Obama and Matthew McConaughey and Tim Cook do it. (They’ve been singled out as being especially good at it this year.) I’m […]

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27 Jul 2015 No Comments

6 Surprising “Don’ts” for Leaders

Breaking the rules doesn’t always mean that you’re breaking bad. Sometimes it pays to do the opposite and forego common sense. Great leaders don’t always act serious. It’s easier to persuade […]

presenting paradox
14 Jul 2015 No Comments

21 Paradoxes of Presenting

Isn’t there enough to do when you’re preparing for a presentation? Besides the obvious, you’ve got to navigate the delicate balances below: Be brief, but take your time. Be yourself, […]

30 Jun 2015 No Comments

Make Data Sing–Learn from Hans Rosling’s TED Talk

I like to see people use data effectively–to make complex information clear and compelling. And, I like to help people plan out this data and incorporate it into a talk. […]

16 Jun 2015 No Comments

Nix Nerves Before You Speak Infographic

Here’s a handy infographic to share with anyone who suffers from stage fright before a presentation or talk. It describes 3 counter-intuitive ways you Download this infographic.Embed Our Infographic On […]

speaking voice
2 Jun 2015 No Comments

What Eliza Doolittle, Margaret Thatcher, and Daisy Buchanan Can Teach You About Voice and Power

Does your sound determine your success? In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway is impressed when Gatsby nails the mysterious quality in Daisy’s voice: “She’s got an indiscreet […]

18 May 2015 No Comments

Instant Motivation! Quotes on Goals, Success & Power

We’re getting close to 2015’s half way point. You’ve got a lot more to accomplish, and it isn’t always easy to muster the strength and enthusiasm to keep everything going. […]

5 May 2015 No Comments

12 Books to Give to Graduates

Graduates get lots of stuff when they earn their diplomas.  But maybe the most valuable gift they can receive is good advice. It doesn’t matter if they heed it right […]

fall down
21 Apr 2015 No Comments

Fall Down Seven Times; Get Up Eight

The hardest part of getting better at speaking and presenting is to persist in the face of discouragement. A talent is a latent ability, something that is dormant inside you. […]

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