Speak up and out

I have recently encountered several people who have been rushed into the emergency room of voice and speech training because their vocal presence is not in optimal health.

A CEO of a very successful company has a strong, expressive voice, but none of his employees or clients ever get to hear it because it is hidden–trapped–behind a mouth that doesn’t move. He mumbles!

You might think it would be easy for him to project his voice more forcefully, and move his mouth to shape the words he speaks, but not so.

A new voice–one that is stronger and more articulate–requires changing a long-term and deeply held habit.

Such a change can feel artificial, distant from one’s true self, and yet it represents a fuller expression of the speaker’s potential. It is a more generous and committed interaction with the world.

Our speech–the actual quality of the sound we make–has an emotional impact on our listeners.

If we sound happy and optimistic, others pick up on that. And if we sound bored or listless, our listeners are more likely to conclude that we are not great company, or great for the company.

In other words, a trapped voice can cost you your job.

Speakers of the world: Speak up and out! No one follows a weak trumpet! Open your mouth. Be heard, understood, remembered, and believed.

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