Don’t Boast

Whenever you give yourself a compliment in front of an audience, you run the risk of being seen in a negative light.

For instance, telling stories about how you won a big piece of business by being a super salesman may be instructive for the audience, but it raises the likelihood that you may give off the odor of arrogance.

Ever heard of the H-Bomb, as in letting it slip during polite cocktail chitchat that you went to Harvard? It’s a sure way to get yourself talked about as a jerk when the party is over.

Going to Harvard is great, but feeling the need to tell people you went there is a sign of unattractive emotional needs.

Telling stories that make you look good makes you look bad. It’s a paradox.

When you puff yourself up to look big and important, there are others listening who see you as small and needy.

However, when you make fun of yourself, or belittle yourself in a humorous way, people may very well consider you large in character.

Humility, good.  Boasting, bad. Get big by going small. Go figure!

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