Make a Better Impression

When it comes to sealing a deal or cementing a business relationship, schedule a meeting.

Because research reported in The New York Times by Matt Richtel shows that when you speak to people face to face, they are less likely to misread you or your message. But, if you write the same information and then text or email it, you make a poorer impression.

The co-authors of the research, “The Sound of Intellect,” published in Psychological Science June 2015, say:¬†Our voices and the cues in our voices “show that we are alive inside–thoughtful, active. Text strips that out.”

Here’s some more research suggesting that–for the “big stuff”–people prefer a face-to-face meeting or phone call over a text or email. We’ve included this infographic, but you can read the complete article by Geoff Weiss in Entrepreneur if you follow this link.

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