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By on May 12, 2016

What you will experience with Sims Wyeth:

  • Enjoy warm-up exercises that are fun, friendly, and helpful anytime you need to prepare for a talk.
  • Configure a road map that will lead you to your full potential as a speaker.
  • Absorb a clear, time tested, conceptual framework for thinking about effective communication.
  • Find out why presentations are such a big deal, and why they always have been and will be.
  • Approach presentations as conversations that you, the speaker, must lead.
  • Learn how people listen and absorb information so that, when you speak, you are understood, remembered and believed.
  • Abolish from your vocabulary weak words, unnecessary words, and words that are unfamiliar to your audience.
  • Craft a strong opening, a dynamic ending and put those two things as close together as possible.
  • Use PowerPoint according to science, not according to habit or corporate culture.
  • Respect the need for drama in your persuasive talks, the need for setting the stage, introducing the hero, defining the problem, and then offering solutions.
  • Create scenes and stories that draw your audience in.
  • Master positive, assertive body language to boost your credibility and influence.
  • Stretch the dynamics of your speaking voice.
  • Develop a personal style that is true to YOU and all your own.
  • Unearth a treasure trove of personal stories to engage and entertain your listeners. Stories teach without lecturing.
  • Recognize that rehearsal is the work, while performance is the play.
  • Internalize your message so you sound natural and conversational.
  • Discover the joy of public speaking and presenting, the excitement and the rewards that come with practice.
  • Embrace the classic, ancient formulas for structuring persuasive arguments. Practice them so they become familiar tools.

Most of all, make a commitment to grow, experiment and expand your possibilities.

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