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communication skills

how to introduce a speaker
7 May 2014 3 Comments

9 Tips on How to Introduce a Speaker

For great advice on how to introduce a speaker, look no further than Richard C. Borden’s 1935 classic Public Speaking as Listeners Like It. Answer the following four simple questions […]
30 Apr 2014 No Comments

Eloquence is reason set on fire

[quote align='right'] Every idea is an incitement… Eloquence may set fire to reason. –Oliver Wendell Holmes [/quote] [gap height = '30'] Gram Parsons, an extremely influential musical artist credited with helping […]
rehearsing presentations
23 Apr 2014 1 Comment

Rehearsing Presentations: Is there a better way to practice?

Creating 10,000 presentations in the course of your career and rehearsing them all with great care will not necessarily guarantee you presentation mastery. Neuroscience, and common sense, show that factors […]
business presentation
15 Apr 2014 No Comments

Business Presentation Success: Hamlet the Speech Coach

The inspiration for business presentation success can come from anywhere. Hamlet, for instance.  Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark in Shakespeare’s play called Hamlet, written around 1603. In the play, Hamlet […]
scientific presentation
8 Apr 2014 No Comments

Science and Business: The Story of a Lost Mousse

Here in New Jersey, scientists grow on trees and work in laboratories, developing and testing molecules for bio-tech and pharmaceutical companies. Every day, they leave the known world to explore […]
persuading others
1 Apr 2014 No Comments

Persuading others: Who should deliver the talk?

A presentation is a tool made of words and numbers, information and opinions. In many circumstances, it’s purpose is to help an audience make a decision or a prediction. But […]
structure of a speech
25 Mar 2014 No Comments

Two ways to structure a speech or presentation

I was looking for my childhood home on Google Earth, caught a glimpse of it from 30,000 feet, then zoomed in and saw my mother’s herb garden at the bottom […]
listening technique
13 Mar 2014 No Comments

Leadership Skills: Listening Technique

If you are present in a conversation or a meeting, you demonstrate your engagement by listening, responding, and then paying attention to how the other person receives your response. I […]
executive presence
11 Mar 2014 3 Comments

Executive presence in public speaking and private speaking

What is executive presence?  I hear that phrase a lot.  Companies want executives who can take charge and light up a room. A few thoughts. I relate presence to charisma, […]
Stage fright when making presentations
5 Mar 2014 No Comments

Speaking Anxiety: Stage Fright in Front of the Boss

I recently received a call from a regional sales leader who said that he was unable to express himself to senior management–he diagnosed himself with a case of stage fright. […]
Executive presence
26 Feb 2014 3 Comments

Executive Presence: Look the Part: The Camera is Always On

When I read that Simon Cowell, the well-known judge of American Idol, just had a baby daughter, it made me reflect on the talents he has ushered into the world. […]
Business Presentations:  Stay Postive
19 Feb 2014 No Comments

Business Presentations: Stay Positive

What do you do when, as a product director,  your brand is losing share to a new competitor, your colleagues and bosses know that your formerly successful product is being […]