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Stand still when you speak

Stand still when you speak

I just met a client, a young woman new to the work force and recently hired by a consulting firm, who had studied oratory and debating in high school. I don’t think I’ve ever had a client with similar experience in my 20 years working…

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What do I do with my hands when I present?

Mike Blechar of Gartner is a powerful speaker.  He recently sent me this note after he read one of our Presentation Pointers on the subject of how to point to data on slides. It seems he has programmed his arm and hand to gesture to…

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Communication Skills: Consider your voice the thunder

A few years back The New York Giants won the Super Bowl with two running backs nicknamed Thunder and Lightning.  Thunder was Brandon Jacobs and Lightning was Ahmad Bradshaw. In the first half, Jacobs (aka Thunder, 6’ 4” ; 264) would wear down the opposition,…

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Gesture is one of the languages of high-stakes presenting

Ninety percent of emotional communication is nonverbal.  Gestures are an unconscious language that we use to express not only our feelings but to generate them as well.  By making a gesture, we help produce an internal state. Amy Cuddy, a faculty member at the Kennedy…

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