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Sims Wyeth has helped our team improve the flow and impact of their presentations. The process of working with him has been eye-opening and useful in our efforts to grow our busines.

David B., Para Advisors

I want to thank you for all of your help. We really appreciate it. Your guidance helped us to have a very well organized and motivational opening that was right on target!

Christian K., Endo Pharmaceuticals

This is the best speaker training I have been through in my 24 years in the industry.

Vic M., AstraZeneca

Best advanced training I’ve had, good group size allowed for individual attention & support.

Kristen K., Agouron Pharmaceuticals

Excellent program! Valuable resource for anyone who aspires to be a good public speaker. Job well done! Our instructor was excellent & truly professional. I would recommend your services to anyone.

Marc J., MD

Sims Wyeth’s approach was outstanding. The information was not only well thought out and easy to understand, but easy to incorporate into one’s presenting style.

Keith K., Arrow Electronics

I have been a public speaker for more than 15 years—and Sims Wyeth still taught me how to do a better presentation!

Marie M., Ph.D., William H. Sadlier

I am a former school teacher/company trainer and I have presented for many years. I have gained valuable experience and insights from this program that I will use immediately. Thank you.

Dan H., AstraZeneca

The videotaping was essential to go thru the exercises. Sims provided great CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. They did not make us feel threatened. It is hard enough to speak in public. This was a great learning environment.

Chris I., Roche Labs, Inc.

Here’s a quick note to let you know that my presentation went GREAT yesterday! Thanks in large part to your guidance.

Beth, Stevens Institute of Technology

I have typically avoided presentations. I know it is not one of my strengths. I also believed that you were ‘born’ a good speaker (or not, in my case). This training helped me to face my fears and it taught me valuable tools to use to get me more comfortable in presenting. I feel more confident after these two days of training. Thank you!

April B., Arrow Electronics

This was truly one of the best experiences I have had as far as training courses are concerned!

Connie S., AstraZeneca

Despite speaking with confidence for 17 years, I learned some good points. Loved the classical allusions & illustrations.

Bill D., MD, Hershey Medical Center

These two days improved dramatically the presentation effectiveness of our marketing team. Great experience. We will get results out of presentations.

Rolf H., Roche Labs, Costa Rica

This program was very effective. It was amazing how well the instructors knew our business and continued to listen/learn and use/weave additional input about our business into their presentations. Everything we did and heard was directly applicable to our jobs.

Ruth F., Crossroads

A course that allowed our staff to understand there is a lot more to a good presentation than they thought. They will use what they learn everyday going forward.

Martyn S., Rebus Systems

This was my fourth time through a training session on effective presenting, and it was by far the best.

Roderick C., Health Strategies Group

I was completely impressed by your course, which embodies every aspect of successful customer interaction in one way or another. I think everyone in the business world and academia should receive your presentation skills training, which is hands down the best training of any kind I’ve ever been part of.

Ronald G., Tekelec

You customized your content for us perfectly and exceeded our expectations.

Bill H., McGladrey & Pullen

The feeling I had when leaving the seminar was “look out competition.”  We have just launched nine guided missiles.

William S. D., Wiliam H. Sadlier

I have to say that presentation skills class was the best training I’ve ever had.

Randy L., Miami, FL

The insights you offered, together with the energy and conviction with which you conveyed them, was evident in the improvement shown by our members’ presentations subsequent to your remarks as compared with their original presentations.

Harold T. R., New York University

I delivered my talk before several hundred people, complete with cameras and recorders.  I was surely nervous at the outset.  But within a minute, I was delivering my speech calmly and effectively and thanking you at the same time!  I was amazed at how little I read from the paper, presenting my thoughts with sufficient eye contact to make the words seem so much more powerful and my presence so much more engaging.  After two minutes, I was actually having fun!

Name withheld

The best thing about this session is that it truly is ‘hands on’, and not only focuses on the delivery but format and content, which is crucial.

Tehseen S., Roche Pharmaceuticals

What was most helpful to me was the confidence that these skills can be cultivated and improved, and not solely restricted to those with natural-born talent.

Ray V., Gartner

It was so helpful to have advice tailored specifically to Fiduciary Trust’s business and client base.

Ellen K., Fiduciary Trust Co International

Your Acting training kept us awake and engaged, especially the presidential impersonations! The instruction and insights were helpful for both general marketing purposes as well as effective client communications.  In particular, some of the scientific findings were a real ‘eye opener’.

Mary C., Fiduciary Trust Co International

You presented yourself not only as a very effective keynote speaker, but also as a knowledgeable consultant.

Randall S., McGladrey &  Pullen

Sims Wyeth. . . gave a spellbinding presentation on public speaking. I am envious of anyone who can engage his services in communication!

Dean B., Dean Boorman & Assoc, Comm. Planning & Dev

Thank you for your help and training.  I think you are a genius at what you do!  I use what you taught me at meetings and with others, and it is extremely helpful.

Laura S., Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse University

I first met Sims in 1997. Because I was to give a presentation at a national industry conference, my manager arranged for Sims to coach me. As a “newbie” public presenter, I was clueless about how to grab and hold the audience’s attention–much less how to calm the butterflies in my stomach. Sims’s structured and calming approach allowed me to let the butterflies loose and walk on stage confidently. Three years later, I became a Gartner analyst, which required me to give multiple presentations each year. I kept Sims’s “bag of tricks” nearby so as to chase away any butterflies that were bold enough to revisit me. Sims is personable, expert, and creative.

Gartner Analyst

Sims Wyeth provided me with clear insights into my presentation content and delivery. His instructions were easy to learn and follow direction for vastly improved presentations. His keen insight on how to present myself and my material to capture the attention of the audience is very valuable. Sims was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to others who are looking to improve their presentation skills!

Grace M., Henry Schein Inc.

Sims and Sharon have put together an impactful program that’s tailored to each individual client and his or her needs.  They are professional, supportive, honest and accommodating.  I highly recommend them both personally and professionally.

Roland L.

I just wanted to follow up with a HUGE thank you for all your help in coaching me on my opening story!  We completed the program this evening and I made it through!  The story went very well and it would have been so much harder to get there without your help!  I am grateful!  Thank you!

Cate G., Trusted Advisor

I wanted to drop you a line just to thank you again for a very informative and lively class. I am confident that you suggestions and techniques will make me a better presenter than I was before. I was pleased and surprised by your assessment of my existing skills. I’ve never been told that I have a ‘gift’ or a ‘large personality’ before. Even if not entirely true it certainly gave me a much needed ego boost. Thank you again for all the help you have give me in this arena.

It’s been a year since I attended your class on High Stakes Presentations and I wanted to let you know how valuable that training has been to me. Shortly after completing your course I presented to over 500 employees across 12 separate sessions. I received many compliments on my presentation skills including praise from three Directors and a Vice President. I attribute this directly to the training I received from you. I was promoted to a senior position in my department a few months later and these skills were cited as a large contributing factor. It’s now time again for me to present our annual GMP refresher and I have had several people request to be in my sessions, including those two Directors and one more as well as numerous managers and employees. So I want to thank you for the valuable skills and confidence that your course has given me. In the time since I recommended your firm as a source for personal development to our corporate training department the company was acquired. I will be meeting later today with the Director of Training for the US and I am going to recommend your firm to her. Again, thank you for the difference your course has made in my career.”

Rick W., Actavis

I just wanted to take the opportunity to again thank you for last night’s presentation at FEI in Morristown.  Your words and wisdom really struck a chord with me.  I keep beating myself up for freezing up during my introduction last night but as an attending guest with a marketing background and not Finance, I got flustered.  It was funny because you said to make yourself memorable and my usual introduction does just that.  I’ve attach the script which I try not to memorize but use as a road map. In any event, thanks for giving me a little more “spring in my step” in this job hunting journey.

I thought you might be interested to know……today’s Managed Futures presentation went exceedingly well.  I rehearsed it enough so that I did not need notes.  I incorporated many of the things that we had discussed and it was very well received.  I got many kind remarks afterwards.

Tomorrow is the Multi-Strategy presentation and I am still in the boning-up stage but I am confident that by show-time I will be just as prepared.

Scott M., AQR Capital Management

They are still recovering but the feedback I have received (universally it is worth noting) from the admission team has been overwhelmingly positive—all variations of “best professional development experience I have EVER had.” Scott is putting together a greatest hits tape which I have heard will include the creation of new words and an extended walking tour of the grounds. Not only did they learn much from you, but you have strengthened the team through the experience.  Thank you.

Michael H., Saint Paul’s School

The course is very interactive and Sims Wyeth seems to understand each person’s strengths and weaknesses and how to build on positives. His warm and direct style of teaching and his actor’s approach make for a fun course, and also a very educational experience. Not everyone will come out speaking like FDR and Churchill  but I am convinced that everyone who takes the course will become a much better presenter and how to turn what I thought of as a liability into a selling point. I can talk better now. Nobody can get by in this world without learning how to do that. I found the Powerpoint piece particularly useful.  Thanks for a great day. up and away!!!

Richard S., Journalist

Here’s a quick note to let you know that my presentation went GREAT yesterday!  Thanks in large part to your guidance!  I felt perfectly calm, cool and collected, and delivered what I thought was a solid performance.  Many thanks for your assistance and support!”

Beth D., Stevens Institute of Technology

Thank you for your nice message the other day.  Warwick and I did the presentation yesterday and it went very well.  I remembered to smile and I think that we came across as “people you’d like to work with”.  Your help was greatly appreciated!  I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again.

Elisa R., Fiduciary Trust Company International

This week we had a commercial meeting in Az. In which many of the RD’s and Maria presented to a large functional team which included Senior Leadership. They did outstanding!!!!! I was extremely proud of the team to say the least. Your work continues to provide dividends.  Thought you would like to know.

Larry R., Endo Pharmaceuticals

I just received the copy of the presentation I did during your sessions and your very thoughtful letter. Thank you very much and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express myself. I found your sessions very valuable, interesting and entertaining! Your letter will continue to offer me both insight and encouragement going forward. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Tom H., IBM Canada

Sims!  I did it. Yesterday was my presentation and it went very very well.  On a survey we had a scale of 1 to 5 (5 = excellent), I got all 4 and 5s, a only a few 3s out almost 200 responses.   The story worked very well and I followed all of your tips.  I do it again in Vegas later this month.  Thanks again!

Janine N.

Sims Wyeth’s brilliant insights helped transform an unwieldy slide deck into a high impact presentation.   He helped me find my core message and flow in the span of a few hours.  It was a smart investment — the presentation was well-received and generated new business for my consulting practice.  I highly recommend!

Katherine M.

Sims Wyeth provided me with clear insights into my presentation content and delivery.   His instructions were easy to learn and follow direction for vastly improved presentations. His keen insight on how to present myself and my material to capture the attention of the audience is very valuable. Sims was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to others who are looking to improve their presentation skills!
Grace M., Henry Schein Inc.

Thank you for the excellent day with the team. The focus around meeting management was perfect for the facilitation skills workshop. Not only did they get great coaching on facilitation skills, they also received a deliverable…

National Director, Sales, a J&J Company

Despite speaking with confidence for 17 years, I learned some good points. Loved the classical allusions & illustrations.

Bill D., Hershey Medical Center

The presentation was a big success – they asked us to return to present to marketing and senior sales leadership. It felt great to get a real presentation under my belt. Thank you for your efforts. Yours is the best presentation training I have had in my career.

Nicholas D., Health StrategiesGroup

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