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“The ability of key people to influence and connect is a hard corporate asset masquerading as a soft skill.   Executive speech coaching and presentation coaching is the best way to make the most of your talent.”

We help accomplished people take their speeches and presentations to a higher level.   They learn best practices in organizing information, building drama and stories into their talks,  mastering body language, and using PowerPoint according to proven principles, not habit.

Executive speech coaching and presentation coaching is for CEOs, professionals,  executives, those with new jobs that demand more influencing and less desk work,  folks who have a big event coming up, or who have received feedback that they need to improve their ability to inspire loyalty and trust

To capture the attention of a  busy world filled with busy people, you need skills based on proven principles of influence and persuasion.

We tailor private coaching to  your needs and budget. Face-to-face and/or via the Web.  We work with clients over a defined period of time to help them achieve the outcomes they are looking for.  Our approach is flexible and client-centered.  We will work with you to set goals, stick to a realistic schedule, and stay within a budget.


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