Facilitating for Results

Facilitating Ad Boards

By on June 5, 2017

David Luke was recognized by his colleagues at Pfizer as a great facilitator. He had a standard opening line: “I’m an equal opportunity abuser,” he’d say to the assembled physicians. “I will be calling on you at anytime on any subject during the meeting. So–heads up!” It takes a skilled and confident facilitator to use […]

How to be a good panelist

By on December 7, 2012

Whenever I’ve been a panelist, I start out thinking it’s easy—a no brainer—and then, as I get closer to the event, I change my mind.  I begin to realize that I will be on display for all to see and hear and that it represents an opportunity to create a positive impression and contribute to […]

How to be a great panel moderator

By on December 4, 2012

There is very little drama in panels.  I’d like to see panelists a bit more feisty, eager to engage in debate and debunk…but they rarely are (or do). Polite and well-mannered is more like it–don’t want to rock the boat or roil the waters. Keep it nice and tidy, which often means boring. Paul Kedrosky […]

Public Speaking Course in New Jersey

By on January 25, 2011

There are multiple layers of challenges for the business presenter. For instance, there’s the psychological—the fact that we are all anxious about public speaking, even the best of us.  And when we are anxious, some of us tend to become shy and tentative, and others begin to put on a persona that isn’t natural to […]

Why you need presentation skills training

By on November 30, 2010

Most of us need training because: We are unaware. We don’t do what we want, or know how, to do. We don’t practice. We are not aware of how we come across.  We have blind spots.  Blind areas.  Our education is incomplete.  We have not read the great books on the subject of effective speech.  […]

Facilitation Skills: Making the Most of Your Role as a Panel Moderator

By on May 16, 2008

You’ve been invited to moderate a panel.  The question is: How can you do it really well so that the meeting is rated highly, you look good, and your chances of being invited back are good? First, you should look at the job of moderator as a great chance to create a host of positive impressions.  It’s […]

Business Communication: Sharing the Podium

By on May 9, 2008

Dividing the Dais Sharing a podium is a frequent method for by-passing yet another dry presentation and (we hope) generating heat and light between two or more people seated on stage engaging in friendly verbal exchanges. In my experience, each speaker prepares and delivers a short talk (less than 10 minutes) on the topic being considered, takes a few […]

Facilitation skills for medical liaisons at ad boards

By on June 18, 2007

With the average sales call in the pharmaceutical industry now shrunk to less than 30 seconds, medical liaisons have an important opportunity to engage the interest of key physicians at advisory board meetings. However, there are several common problems. First, facilitating ad boards is not presenting. In fact, it’s almost the opposite of presenting. Presenters […]

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