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I am an executive coach, business writer, author, and speaker. I began my adult life as an actor, and taught theater, and voice & speech at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, the Michael Chekhov Studio, the Actors’ and Directors’ Lab, and the University of New Orleans.

My acting experience informs my work with clients. Like actors, speakers need to be stage-worthy, know their material, and create trust and belief in who they are and what they say.


I strive to understand the unique challenges that each individual client is facing and develop personalized strategies for each presenter, always taking into account my client's temperament, subject matter, target audience, and the forum in which he or she will speak.

I write a weekly column for Inc.com, and have been published in BusinessWeek, and C2M (Consulting to Management). My newest book, The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking, was published in 2014 by W.W. Norton.

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Some of the companies we're proud to call clients

Sims Wyeth & Co. has worked with clients in companies of all sizes, in many different countries, that provide a wide variety of products and services to their customers. 

We know how to work with your people, what they need to say, and how they need to say it.

AIG Capital
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Deloitte Consulting
Federal Aviation Adminstration
Health Strategies Group
Littlejohn & Co.
Otis Elevator
United Technologies
The Patent and Trademark Office
Pearson Learning
White House Communications Agency
Wistar Institute
...many more
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Importance of Capturing and Holding Attention

Importance of Capturing and Holding Attention

By on November 21, 2017

I can’t overemphasize the importance of capturing and holding attention. As a public speaker, it’s the first place you can fail to be understood, remembered, and believed. Holding attention is very important in a presentation. Otherwise people won’t listen to what you say or hear what you say. That means you will also fail to […]

Quick! Name a Memorable Talk!

Quick! Name a Memorable Talk!

By on November 7, 2017

When I ask people to name a memorable speech, they seem to have a brain hiccup. The most common response is to talk about the most recent speech they’ve experienced. If I had to answer the question at this moment I’d say I remember the talk Richard Brodhead gave at the Convocation of the Class […]

Qualities of great facilitator

Qualities of great facilitator

By on October 23, 2017

The qualities of a great facilitator are diverse. Let me enumerate them for you: I had a client years ago in pharma who would start his advisory board presentation by saying, “I am an equal opportunity abuser. And I’m going to call on you on any topic at any time, so heads up!” As a great […]

Data, Data Everywhere and Not a Thought to Think

Data, Data Everywhere and Not a Thought to Think

By on October 10, 2017

I just spent a few days with several scientific presenters from the pharmaceutical industry.  Their company wanted them to be more persuasive when presenting their research to internal business decision makers. To prepare for the assignment, I conducted a series of interviews to determine what the scientific presenters thought they needed to be more persuasive, […]

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